Tired of Rendering?

Meet Spellbrush Saika, your new illustration assistant! Powered by the latest advances in AI and deep learning, she intelligently helps you finish your lineart, sketches, and concept art in record time. Sign up for our Beta using the form below!

Automagic coloration

Saika colors lines instantaneously.

Hint-based Workflow

Specify regional color to guide Saika.

Full Photoshop Support

No export required!

Automatic Coloration

Saika uses the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to instantaneously color your lines. Check out our tech notes for a video of Saika in action!

Hint-based Workflow

Saika's changes her coloration based on the input of a hint layer. Use hints to add spot color and guide Saika towards a specific color scheme.

Full Photoshop Support

Saika integrates natively with photoshop, allowing you to easily adjust and prototype your colors without changing your workflow.

📣 Calling all artists! 📣

Spellbrush grew out of our own need as a freelance studio to produce better art, faster. When Saika started helping us finish commissions 5x faster, we knew that she was destined to help illustrators worldwide. We're looking for techy-savy artists interested in joining our closed-beta of Spellbrush.

Ready to get started? Sign up for our beta!